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tone is a music bot for your Discord server that pays artists for streams.

tone offers streaming audio from Soundcloud and Bandcamp to a voice channel in your Discord server. we keep track of plays in aggregate and on a server-by-server basis. this allows us to pay out equitable, transparent, percentage-based payments to artists.

we’re looking for ways to extend the functionality of the bot, further integrate it into other existing platforms and services, and to harness what we’ve learned to continue to build out other useful tools for artists and creatives. if you’re interested in contributing, check out sone and what we’re all about.

what’s currently being listened to with tone:



pay what you can

music: a public good

we think access to music should be a public good. we built tone with that ethos in mind. tone is priced on a sliding scale: simply pay what you can afford on a monthly basis for unlimited plays. as the listener, you set your own price each month and are never turned away, even if you enter $0. tone is a social experiment in altruistic outcomes. we strongly believe, left to regulate itself, a caring and sustainable music community will strive to compensate artists much more than existing major streaming alternatives. every. damn. time.

each month, after hosting fees are paid, all revenue goes toward the following:

  1. 10% - platform fees paid out to Audius, Nina, Bandcamp, etc.,
  2. 10% - to fund future tone development and our public goods treasury,
  3. 80% - artists, via CELO CELO is digital, global money. it's the currency of Celo apps on the Celo blockchain. we’re using it because it’s incredibly fast, secure, and carbon neutral. to verified artist wallet addresses.

all artist wallet addresses also receive $SONE $SONE is the token used by sone. it’s used to vote on matters concerning the sone community, and it grants artists and musicians access to various tools and opportunities within sone. we’re just beginning to explore its utility! upon getting verified, which grants access to the sone DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization—it’s fancy jargon for a digital co-op, basically. and a growing eco-system of tools (like this one!) funded by our treasury and built by our community.

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