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2014 Digital Sampler no9


We know, we know — it’s 2015 now. Like anything we do, though, we took our sweet time to finish this. So here it is: our annual digital sampler, a half year late! If you’ve downloaded any of our previous samplers, you might notice this year’s has a lot of tracks — we thought this was an incredible year for music and wanted to showcase the new, new-to-us or just downright exciting people making music that we’ve enjoyed this year (there are so many more artists we could and should include on this download but we had to exercise some restraint).

Curating and putting this together is super rewarding — so we just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed a song! If you download this and find something you like, please use this page as a reference to all of the artists involved (links to their respective websites and music are available below).

We’ve created two parts: “Family” — artists affiliated with the Topshelf Records roster, and “Friends” — artists we really think people should be listening to right now. Before downloading it, though, we just ask that you please, please share it (there’s two convenient buttons directly below). All of the hard working people responsible for all of this music would greatly appreciate it if you did. Thanks, everyone. Happy listening!

-Kevin & Seth

PS: This album is free. There’s no need to pay for it. However, since bandcamp gives you the option to, and if for whatever reason you do, we won’t keep the money; we’ll donate it to the Greater Boston MSPCA. So, thanks!

Download the 2014 Topshelf Records digital sampler »


  1. thumbnail

    “Put Some Wings on That Kid” by Braid

    From No Coast

  2. thumbnail

    “Everyone but You” by Field Mouse

    From Hold Still Life

  3. thumbnail

    “Bond” by LITE

    From Installation

  4. thumbnail

    “Thalassa” by Prawn

    From Kingfisher

  5. thumbnail

    “Loom” by Frameworks

    From Loom

  6. thumbnail

    “Golden Twin” by Wild Ones

    From Keep It Safe

  7. thumbnail

    “The National Throat” by Cut Teeth

    From Night Years

  8. thumbnail
  9. thumbnail

    “Stun Spore” by Sundials

    From Kick

  10. thumbnail

    “Stubborn” by My Fictions

    From Stranger Songs

  11. thumbnail
  12. thumbnail

    “over underground” by The Jazz June

    From After the Earthquake

  13. thumbnail

    “Can’t Shake the Feeling” by Diamond Youth

    From Shake

  14. thumbnail

    “Clotheslined” by Special Explosion

    From The Art of Mothering

  15. thumbnail

    “Hold Open My Head” by Nai Harvest

    From Hold Open My Head

  16. thumbnail
  17. thumbnail

    “Bullied by a Bee” by Kind of Like Spitting

    From It’s Always Nice to See You

  18. thumbnail

    “Loss Will Find Us” by The Saddest Landscape

    From When You Are Close, I Am Gone

  19. thumbnail

    “You Wild Thing (An Illuminous Life)” by The City on Film

    From La Vella

  20. thumbnail

    “Award of the Year Award” by You Blew It!

    From Keep Doing What You’re Doing

  21. thumbnail

    “Indian Summer” by Enemies

    From Embark, Embrace

  22. thumbnail

    “Hanging Off” by Caravels

    From Lacuna

  23. thumbnail
  24. thumbnail

    “Creases” by Tancred

    From S/T

  25. thumbnail

    “Anchor (Life Is Suffering version)” by Into It. Over It.

    From S/T

  26. thumbnail
  27. thumbnail

    “Forfor” by The Velvet Teen

    From No Star


  1. thumbnail

    “Archie, Marry Me” by Alvvays

    From S/T courtesy of Polyvinyl Records

  2. thumbnail

    “Taking Nothing” by Infinity Girl

    From Just Like Lovers

  3. thumbnail

    “Odd & Even” by tide/edit

    From Foreign Languages courtesy of LIFE2short Productions

  4. thumbnail

    “October” by Del Paxton

    From Worst. Summer. Ever. courtesy of Secret Audio Club

  5. thumbnail

    “patternless tide” by PRETEND

    From tapestry'd life (previously unreleased)

  6. thumbnail

    “Get Out of My Dreams” by Wildhoney

    From Seventeen Forever

  7. thumbnail

    “Where?” by John Galm

    From Sky of No Stars courtesy of Broken World Media

  8. thumbnail

    “Repine” by Pianos Become the Teeth

    From Keep You courtesy of Epitaph Records

  9. thumbnail

    “Mediocre at Best” by Sorority Noise

    From Forgettable

  10. thumbnail

    “Ochansensu-Su” by tricot

    From T H E courtesy of Bakuretsu Records

  11. thumbnail

    “Summer’s Colour” by Basement

    From Further Sky courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  12. thumbnail

    “Oh, I’m a Wrecker (What to Say to Crazy People)” by A Sunny Day in Glasgow

    From Sea When Absent courtesy of Lefse Records

  13. thumbnail

    “Weird Dream” by Happy Diving

    From Big World courtesy of Father/Daughter Records

  14. thumbnail

    “Problems” by Pinegrove

    Previously unreleased

  15. thumbnail

    “Comeback” by Petal

    From Scout courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  16. thumbnail
  17. thumbnail

    “A Drop of Blood...” by Owls

    From Two courtesy of Polyvinyl Records

  18. thumbnail

    “Oh Whitney” by Hurry

    From Everything​/​Nothing

  19. thumbnail

    “Next Time” by Brightside

    From Now and Loud courtesy of Broken World Media

  20. thumbnail

    “Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume” by mewithoutYou

    From Ten Stories courtesy of Pine Street

  21. thumbnail

    “Deep End” by Creative Adult

    From Psychic Mess courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  22. thumbnail

    “teeth” by sun dummy

    From cricket

  23. thumbnail

    “Trippy Gum” by Deers

    From Demo courtesy of Mermaid Avenue / Mom&Pop

  24. thumbnail

    “Idol Worship” by Colossal Wrecks

    From Waste The Moments courtesy of Mountain Man Records, Lauren Records, Square of Opposition, Kyeo Speaks Zine/Distro

  25. thumbnail

    “Games” by Elephant Gym

    From Angle

  26. thumbnail

    “In the Middle of the Night Someone Tore Off the Ceiling and Sucked Me to The Sky Before My Eyes Began to Boil I Saw Billions of Tiny Webs Connecting Everything” by Giraffes? Giraffes!

    From 10” courtesy of Boiler Room Recordings

  27. thumbnail

    “When We Get There” by Modern Charms

    From S/T

  28. thumbnail

    “Rekindle” by Brave Bird

    From T​-​Minus Grand Gesture courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars

  29. thumbnail



  30. thumbnail

    “Calling You” by Crimson Wave

    From Say / Calling You courtesy of Accidental Guest Recordings

  31. thumbnail

    “1000 Seasons” by The Rentals

    From Lost In Alphaville courtesy of Polyvinyl Records

  32. thumbnail

    “Kangaroo Pocket” by Rozwell Kid

    From Too Shabby courtesy of Broken World Media

  33. thumbnail

    “Townie” by Mitski

    From Bury Me At Make Out Creek courtesy of Double Double Whammy

  34. thumbnail

    “Cars” by Floral

    From Floral EP

  35. thumbnail

    “Cool” by Tigers Jaw

    From Charmer courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  36. thumbnail

    “Dear God, This Parachute is a Knapsack” by Two Knights

    From Shut Up courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars

  37. thumbnail

    “Tropical Jinx” by Little Big League

    From Tropical Jinx courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  38. thumbnail

    “No Brains” by Posture & the Grizzly

    From Busch Hymns courtesy of Broken World Media

  39. thumbnail

    “Cold Lakes/Quiet Dreams” by Florist

    Previously unreleased

  40. thumbnail

    “Plain Speech” by Ava Luna

    From Electric Balloon courtesy of Western Vinyl

  41. thumbnail

    “Asleep” by Makthaverskan

    From II courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  42. thumbnail

    “Chestnut Street” by Xerxes

    From Collision Blonde courtesy of No Sleep Records

  43. thumbnail

    “Jane Eyre” by Sur Back

    From Kitsch

  44. thumbnail

    “Ski Vacation” by LVL UP

    From Hoodwink'd courtesy of Double Double Whammy & Exploding in Sound

  45. thumbnail

    “Big Big Blood” by La Luz

    From It’s Alive courtesy of Hardly Art

  46. thumbnail

    “Figure You Out” by Citizen

    From Youth courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  47. thumbnail

    “The body descends” by Julia Brown

    From An Abundance of Strawberries

  48. thumbnail

    “Rapture in Heat” by Liam Betson

    From The Cover of Hunter courtesy of Double Double Whammy

  49. thumbnail

    “Two Beers In” by Free Throw

    From Those Days Are Gone courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars

  50. thumbnail

    “Flowing Through” by Adventures

    From Pity Sex / Adventures Split courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  51. thumbnail

    “Brunch” by S

    From Cool Choices courtesy of Hardly Art

  52. thumbnail

    “Roots” by The Great Albatross

    From Roots courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars

  53. thumbnail

    “pavement” by Teen Suicide

    Previously unreleased

  54. thumbnail

    “Statement” by Dissolve

    From S/T courtesy of Painter Man Records

  55. thumbnail

    “Your Graduation” by Modern Baseball

    From You’re Gonna Miss It All courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  56. thumbnail

    “Welcome Home” by Kittyhawk

    From Hello, Again courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars

  57. thumbnail

    “Brooding Over” by Calculator

    From This Will Come to Pass courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars

  58. thumbnail

    “Spin Me” by Camera Shy

    From Jack-O-Lantern courtesy of Run for Cover Records

  59. thumbnail

    “Midway” by Perspective, A Lovely Hand to Hold

    From Play Pretend courtesy of Broken World Media

  60. thumbnail

    “Cool” by White Reaper

    From S/T courtesy of Polyvinyl Records

  61. thumbnail

    “Rot Closet” by Trashlord

    From One courtesy of Broken World Media

  62. thumbnail

    “Hello Cruel World” by Hightide Hotel

    From Naturally courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars

  63. thumbnail

    “Crimson Wave” by Tacocat

    From NVM courtesy of Hardly Art

  64. thumbnail

    “Pink Chalk” by Zookeeper

    From Pink Chalk courtesy of Count Your Lucky Stars

  65. thumbnail

    “In my dreams we’re almost touching” by Ricky Eat Acid

    From Three Love Songs

  66. thumbnail

    “A Map, a String, a Light” by Yvette Young

    From Acoustics EP courtesy of More than Me Records / Friend of Mine Records

Download the 2014 Topshelf Records digital sampler »